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Zinc is a highly expressive material and responds freely to the play of light,because of its mechanical and flexibility it lends itself to the creation of an often original and sometimes unexpected, but always happy marriage with other materials: wood, brick, glass, etc. Giving architects unlimited creativity to express their vision.


The material is applied in strips and can therefore adopt any shape. It can be bent to fit curves with low radiuses and form complex shapes which are difficult to realise with other materials. Zinc can be laid on slopes from 5%, to vertical. It allows a varied range of construction layouts and the management of complex details. As a Natural and recyclable material, zinc can be recycled indefinitely which benefits all.

As it is not sensitive to corrosion: it protects itself by developing a patina that gives it an exceptional long life span. It requires no maintenance; As it continues to develop a protective layer throughout its life and will self-repair imperfections and scratches.

Non compatible construction materials

  1. Avoid direct contact with fresh concrete, lime, asphalt and mortar.
  2. Larch, Oak, Chestnut, Red cedar, Douglas fir, White cedar
  3. Copper, Steel (Non galvanised)

Compatible construction materials

  1. Timber - Pine, Spruce, Scots pine, Poplar
  2. Metals - Lead, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel