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Mill Finish Stainless

As a construction material, Stainless Steel naturally appeals to architects for its many surfaces and aesthetics. Widely used in our everyday life, it is recognised for its signature on many iconic buildings all over the world. Making the correct choice of grade is of key importance and depends on the type of environment to which the building will be exposed.

Terne coated

Environmental pressure to find a replacement for lead roofing and flashings has increased the demand for Terne coated Stainless Steel. It has the ability to adapt and take on a matt grey surface finish mimicking the appearance of lead with the additional benefit of being a lightweight metal and is compatible with all other roofing materials.


  1.  Ideal for large areas that require the use of long strips up to 20m
  2.  Easy processing
  3. Cost savings by using large lengths and the low weight per square meter.
  4. No fragility and risk of fracture at low temperatures.
  5. Aesthetics neat.
  6. Technical ideal for curved surfaces and complex shapes (domes, cones, etc).
  7. It is readily available in a wide range of finishes and is 100% recyclable.
  8. Can be implemented on both cold and warm roofs.