Batten Roll

Welted Batten roll

This is a traditional technique involving a timber Batten and capping strips.The Roofing panels  are held in place by metal clips supporting the upstands. The capping are placed in position by overlapping, thus ensuring that the roof is water tight.
The battens, which can have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, provide not only a means of securing the roofing, but also permit a wide variety of design expressions.

  1. All types of roofs
  2. All shapes: flat, curved, concave, convex, conical, domes
  3. Minimum pitch 3°

Loose Roll Capping System's

W B Watson Ventilated Capping

The loose roll cap roofing system requires very few specialist tools and has the quicker installation time.The welted roll cap roofing system is much more time consuming and labour intensive and specialist roofing skills are required.

  1. All types of roofs.
  2. flat, curved, domes
  3. Minimum pitch 3°